Christmas Tree in Bokeh

Mmm, I love this time of year. I’m a sucker for the magic that Christmas lights create. This is the tree at the office. I like how, even though the whole image is out of focus, there’s a definite subject distinct from the background and foreground.

Garden After Dark

Visited the Red Butte Gardens “Garden After Dark” event tonight– much more colorful and much more visually going on than I remember there being the time I went several years ago. It’s an especially fun event to take younger kids to– pumpkin painting, face painting, mask coloring, and so on– definitely geared towards families with […]

Shootin’ the Moon

My sister Mel pleaded on Facebook earlier this evening: “Will someone with a camera that takes decent night pictures PLEASE take a picture of that moon?” So I decided what the heck, I’d just picked up a Canon 1.4x extender which was still sitting in the box yet unused, so I figured this was as […]

November Sunset

Remember all those ridiculous sunsets last November? I think this is the only one I captured– with my Lumix LX5 that I had handy. So much color, I love it.

Zion: Pa’rus Trail

It rained a lot on Friday night, but the sun breaking through the clouds on Saturday made the rain worth it. Pa’rus is a leisurely walk from Canyon Junction back to the campgrounds / visitor center, which crosses over the river several times. Have to say that I’m loving the LX5.

Shawn & Kali

These two got engaged a little over a month ago. We decided to go out to Saltair to do a shoot and got captured some fun images. I love how this one looks / feels. It feels so nice to finally have more time to shoot and to edit. More to come 🙂


A few weeks ago my brother asked me if I’d be willing to go do some family photos of his girlfriend’s family– they were having a family dinner at the park before part of the family moved out of state. They assured me that however the images turned out they’d have to be a notch […]

The Light of Day

I was driving home from work on a Friday night in April of 2009 when I saw the sun setting. I decided to pull over and grab a few images at a small “park” (if you can even call it that). I did do some processing on this image, obviously, but I really like how […]

On Being Original

I’m posting the following quote here as a reminder, so that I have it where I can find it online and not just on a piece of paper that I might lose. It is indisputably evident that a great part of every man’s life must be employed in collecting materials for the exercise of Genius. […]

The Coast

This week’s Photography Friday entry: The Coast. I took this back in 2008 when I was rocking the 40D + 10-22mm. Taken at the beach in Carlsbad, California while joining the Knight family on their yearly beach camping trip (which was a total blast. I’d love to do it again). Anyhow, I dug this photo […]