A few weeks ago my brother asked me if I’d be willing to go do some family photos of his girlfriend’s family– they were having a family dinner at the park before part of the family moved out of state. They assured me that however the images turned out they’d have to be a notch up from previous years where grandma had just snapped some photos with the family’s digicam, so I went ahead and agreed.

I now have a lot more respect for the photographers who took my family’s pictures when we were little, even if it was the cheesy Olan Mills stuff 😉 Learned some lessons about arranging people and just how impossible it is to get more than one small child to look at the camera at once, hahaha.

I honestly didn’t take many shots, it was just a very quick session, but I thought this one turned out well. This is the lovely Kali, the aforementioned brother’s girlfriend.

Reflecting on this experience, I think if any of the photos I captured have any merit, it’s due to the personalities of the subjects. (Yeah there might be another image or 2 that I need to share, Kali had a niece that was just ridiculously adorable. She wanted to see the screen on the back of the camera after every picture I took of her, haha.)

I decided to use the 35mm f/1.4L for this shoot, and looking through these photos, I remember why I love that lens so much 😀

Here’s to all the lessons you can learn just from doing (and to willing test subjects ;).


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    Beautiful shot, and great post!

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    Have to post every now and again to prove that I actually do have a camera and take pictures from time to time 😛 Thanks for the kind words, Kelli!

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