Shootin’ the Moon

My sister Mel pleaded on Facebook earlier this evening: “Will someone with a camera that takes decent night pictures PLEASE take a picture of that moon?”

So I decided what the heck, I’d just picked up a Canon 1.4x extender which was still sitting in the box yet unused, so I figured this was as good of opportunity as any to give it a spin with my beloved 135mm lens (giving me a focal length of 189mm). Still not nearly long enough to be taking great pictures of the moon, but it was better than a point and shoot camera for sure.

At first I wasn’t too thrilled with my results– I felt like the time I shot it last about 2 1/2 years ago turned out better (then using a 40D + 100mm macro– giving me roughly 160mm photos). But revisiting those results…

…there’s a definite advantage to both my slightly longer focal length and the added resolution of my current camera. I guess I remembered it being better than it was, huh? haha.

Here’s what I picked up tonight.

Not too bad considering that, in the non-cropped version, the moon is just a small dot.

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